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Meet Sarah! | Class of 2016 Spokesmodel

We’ve loved working with our Class of 2016 Spokesmodels because they are fun and awesome and also very active! And we want you to get to know these amazing girls as well. So we’ve asked them to tell us a little bit about how their summer is going so far:



JP: What all are you up to this summer?
S: This summer I interned for a Pharmaceutical Research company in North Carolina. I stayed with my extended family who lives there for 5 weeks and worked as an intern in all the departments of the company. I learned a lot about the process that gets helpful awesome drugs on the market. That was a really exciting experience because I plan on pursuing a career in medicine and so I was exposed to many elements of that. I also went on a week long hiking trip with my Young Life group in Canada. We hiked in the forest and rock climbed and camped every night. That was one of the most intense, beautiful, rewarding things I have ever done.

JP: What’s been the highlight so far?

S: Either getting my first paycheck or reaching the summit of the mountain.

JP: Do you have a funny story to share from this summer?

S: Lots of funny falls while hiking. At lunch on Day 1, everyone was exhausted and sort of discouraged so we sat down at our lunch spot and as my friend went to take her pack off, it fell off and tumbled into a dry river bank below. It was okay and she got it back, but we all laughed so hard at her.

JP: Have you learned anything new so far?

S: I’ve learned a lot about time management because of all the preparation for college. I’ve had to visit, write essays, work on my resume, and start the applications.

JP: Is there anything else interesting you want to share?

S: Applying for college/getting ready for senior year has been crazy stressful. Studying for ACT’s, writing essays and doing summer reading along with all the other things that summer involves is hectic but I know that it will all be worth it in the end! I can’t wait for my senior year.

We’ll check in with Sarah later this year to see how she’s enjoying her senior year. Sarah, we can’t wait to see what you do next as a Stratford High School senior!
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In Canada with Young Life (in purple) / Spending time with family in North Carolina

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